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10 Best Exterior Paint in India

Why are Exterior Paints Important?

Repairs damage

You can discover serious problems with the walls when you remodel your building’s exterior. After getting their buildings repainted, many customers are shocked to discover faults like stains, mildew, and mould. But if they are found, these problems are easy for specialists to fix. To stop additional damage, painting is necessary after the issues have been resolved.

Adds to the aesthetic attractiveness

A fresh coat of paint could make your property look friendlier and more welcoming to guests. Choose a colour that works best with the general design of your building and the adjacent building to ensure that your new colour does not overpower it.

Your future maintenance costs are reduced.

Even though painting your building’s exterior may seem like an extra investment you’d rather avoid, it could end up saving you money on repairs in the long run. Also, if you employ a professional painter to paint your building, they will fix any little or big faults, including weatherproofing and water resistance, preventing further wall issues.

It protects the inside surfaces of the building.

Your interior walls can benefit from receiving a fresh coat of paint on the outside walls. It will be easier to keep your inside paint appearing brand new for a longer period of time if your external walls can endure the elements, such as the sun’s rays and heavy rain.

Protects external surfaces

Your building can be protected from damaging weather conditions like rain, dust, and sun rays by using superior exterior paint on its external walls. This will make your basic structure more resilient.

Prevents the accumulation of trash and dust

Your external walls will stay clean if you maintain them appropriately. For older buildings or those situated in an area where development is occurring, it makes sense to invest in dust protection paint.

Best paints for Exterior Walls

Apex Ultima Weather Proof Exterior Paint:

Based on binder technology, Apex Ultima Weather Resistant Exterior Paint provides stronger colours that last longer on your walls. Because of this, the paint has a long shelf life and helps protect your building from the sun’s UV rays. It guarantees that it meets your needs because it comes in three different sizes and several different colour tones. 

  • One of the easiest paints to clean that is currently on the market.
  • 7-year guarantee
  • This approach stops the growth of items that resemble algae on your walls.
  • Prevents dust from building up on the walls.

Berger Walmasta Antifungal Exterior Wall Paint:

The Berger Walmasta paint dries more quickly than oil-based paint because it is water-based. Walmasta is a water-based alternative to cement paint that is less expensive and gives your walls a more appealing appearance. Walmasta is an antifungal emulsion that prevents the growth of fungus or algae for years on end, improving the appearance of walls.

In addition to offering prompt solutions to client issues, Berger is    renowned for its expert counsel, which helps ensure that you get the precise outcomes you desire.

  • An appropriate option for locations with little rain.
  • To prevent walls from breaking, the paint provides a matte surface.
  • Stain-resistance 

Berger Weather Coat Anti-Dust Paint:

Even when pollution levels increase, the anti-dust technology in this paint keeps your walls appearing brand new and keeps dust from sticking to them. Because Berger weather coat paint has less synthetic components and a lower concentration of volatile organic compounds, it offers complete protection against a variety of damaging elements, such as rain, heat, and dust, making it the ideal waterproof paint for exterior walls. 

  • Chemical compounds with low VOC.
  • High-quality paint is used. 
  • Warranty for five years.

Dr. Fix It Raincoat:

The walls are thickly covered with the acrylic elastomeric coating of the Dr Fix It Raincoat. Even in areas with heavy rainfall, it is the ideal paint for exterior walls due to the waterproof covering. Your painted walls will remain solid for the full 10 years of the warranty.

  • Water-resistant paint.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • The wall is shielded against cracking and burning.

Paint Emulsion Nerolac:

Emulsion of Nerolac Paint can fill cracks, extending its lifespan. The paint is good for exterior walls since it endures severe conditions like summer heat or heavy rains while remaining strong. Despite India’s tough weather, you get brand-new-looking walls.

  • Gives your walls an impeccable gloss.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • It can be applied with either a brush or a sprayer.

Asian Paints Apex Weatherproof Paint:

The Apex Weather Resistant Paint by Asian Paints is resistant to all weather conditions. Using Apex emulsion, which resists the growth of algae and fungi, can help avoid black stains on walls. Your task will be easier because the water-based solvent dries in about 30 minutes.

  • Helps prevent the growth of algae in humid conditions.
  • 1700 colours are available.
  • Thanks to the silicon components, it is more durable and lasts longer.
  • Protects from the damaging effects of UV radiation.

Ace by Asian Paints:

Ace Wall Paint provides defence against all types of weather by its resistance to peeling and cracking. Ace wall paint has a water-resistant coating on top to shield your walls from bad weather. The three-year warranty on this paint makes it among the best waterproof paints for external walls.

  • A three-year guarantee is offered.
  • For the best colour match, 1800 colour options are provided.
  • Before cleaning the walls, there is no need to wait for the paint to completely dry.

Nippon Exterior Paint:

The best exterior paints include this one. This paint has exceptional quality and comes in beautiful packaging. The paint is both long-lasting and reasonably priced. This paint gives your walls gloss and protection while fitting into everyone’s budget.

  • Has an 18-month lifespan.
  • It is robust.
  • Provides a layer of protection for your walls.

Indigo Exterior Emulsion Paint:

Your building is shielded from the sun’s damaging UV rays by the indigo exterior paint. Both fungus and algae are resistant to the paint.

  • UV radiation protection for buildings. 
  • It is anti-fungal paint.
  • Safeguard from environmental influences.

Dulux Weather Shield Max:

Another great product you can use to paint your outdoor walls is the Dulux weather shield max. It is an external paint with great performance that guards against cracks, fungi, germs, etc. on your walls. It uses active-guard technology to continuously defend your building. 

  • Anticolour fading
  • Safeguarding against fungal growth in the walls.
  • Two-fold total defence.

The top paint for the exterior walls is listed above. You might try any of the coatings described above to protect your wall from inclement weather. You should hire experienced painters to get your work done. Choosing paint colours and finishes can take time and be difficult. They are also skilled in blending them for long-lasting results. Purchasing expensive, premium paint does not guarantee that you will use it correctly and achieve the same results as a professional painter. Hence, the next time you choose to paint your outside walls, keep the aforementioned factors in mind, speak with a professional, and make a thoughtful decision.

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