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Top 10 BIM Modelling Companies in India

Building information modelling is a process that maintains and uses building information while also facilitating simple interoperability, flexibility, etc. Many benefits of this method include increased coordination, reduced rework, reduced cost, and higher output. There are many different BIM service categories, including structural BIM services, mechanical BIM services, 3D modelling services and BIM outsourcing services. It is the best method for performing and managing building information. 

1. Panjetani Buildwell Private Limited(PBPL):

PPBL provides Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction companies around the country.   For construction projects, PBPL offers BIM services to help with project coordination, asset management, risk mitigation, logistic planning, cost optimization, etc. The company’s areas of expertise include 3D MEP coordination, CAD drafting and document management, BIM modelling and more.

2. Treis Tek:

TreisTek is a geospatial and engineering firm founded in Bangalore in 2015. The services offered by this business include photogrammetric services, 3D city structures, architectural ideas and designs, 3D rendering, 4D simulations, and many more. 

3. Pinnacle Infotech:

The business provides services to numerous architecture, engineering, and construction companies worldwide. Pinnacle offers building information modelling services for construction projects, which boosts productivity. Pinnacle Infotech is a 1992-founded provider of BIM-related services. 

4. Mars Group:

Modern management consultation services for planning and engineering projects are provided by MARS Group, an Indian building information modelling company with its headquarters in Ahmedabad. By strategizing and creating the execution of flexible BIM Outsourcing sources, the company has been collaborating with numerous organisations. 

5. Revit Modelling India:

For the AEC and design/build industries, Revit Modeling India (RMI) is a technology expert. The company, which has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, provides BIM-related services such as 3D BIM modelling, clash detection, 4D scheduling and simulation up to 5D cost estimation services as well as facilities management. 

6. Excelize:

Building information modelling (BIM) services are offered by Excelize, an engineering services company founded by Pratap and Sonali Dhopte, to offshore architectural, engineering and construction companies. Excelize was founded in the US in 2004 and has an offshore facility in India. It provides point cloud to BIM, CAD and construction sequencing services. 

7. Rebcon Group:

Farooq Basha founded the multi-discipline engineering firm Rebcon group. This organisation offers a variety of services, such as structural detailing, MEP clash detection, coordination, scan to BIM, daylight analysis, shadow analysis and wind study. The Hyderabad-based business provides coordinated 3D BIM models that facilitate easy communication between architects, engineers and other professionals. 

8. Virtual Building Studio:

The goal of Virtual Building Studio was to offer full, unique, end-to-end services and solutions to the worldwide AEC industry. It provides thorough BIM services for the architectural, engineering, and construction industries, covering all phases of planning, design, tendering, construction, handover, operations, and management.

9. Silicon Valley:

Silicon Valley is an Ahmedabad-based IT consulting firm. The company is one of India’s leading providers of BIM services, offering a wide range of services including point cloud to BIM, detailed architectural structural and MEP BIM modelling solutions and MEP BIM coordination. 

10. Aashir Engineering:

Aashir Engineering is a BIM service provider with offices in Ahmedabad and employs the latest utility products, systems and technologies to stay up with changing client demands. In order to offer services in architecture, MEPF, structural, clash detection& coordination, etc.

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