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PBPL has established a speciality in the field of manufacturing and supplying the highest quality EPS PUF Panels. PBPL is also an adept EPS Panel supplier and EPS Panel fabricator. The construction sector frequently uses EPS PUF panels because they have good thermal and acoustic insulation capabilities. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulated sandwich panels with a stiff core acting as the insulating layer sandwiched between two layers of pre-coated GI sheet (EPS).

PBPL being the manufacturer and supplier of EPS insulated sandwich panels offers the light weighted, energy-efficient & long-lasting panels for wall & roof claddings. EPS sandwich panels are the material of choice for a number of architectural components due to their ideal weight-to-strength ratio. Shelters for high-altitude camping are also built using EPS panels.

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EPS Panel Technical Details

Product Specification
Width - Wall 1170mm
Width - Roof 1000mm
Core Thickness(mm) 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150
K Value (W/m2 OK) 0.75, 0.53, 0.43, 0.33, 0.28, 0.22, 0.18
R Value (Btu/hr/ft2 / OF) 9.8, 11, 13, 16, 20, 26, 30
Fascia Options PPGS/PPGL
Bending Strength (Kg/cm2) 2.8
Tensile Strength (Kg/cm2) 1.53-2.34
Adhesive Strength (Kg/cm2) -foam to Steel 2.4
Density (Kg/m3) 16 Kg/m3 (STANDARD)/20-24 Kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity at 10 OC mean Temperature (w/m3k) 0.032
Compressive Strength at 10% Deformation (Kg/cm2) 1.95
Water Absorption (Valume %) 3%
Closed Cell Content(%) 90-95%
Vapor Permeability at 90%(RH) & 38OC(Gms/Hr.m2) 25-40
Fire Class Self Extinguishing

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We deal with all the services of EPS Panels with flexible design options such as EPS Partition Panel, EPS Insulated Panels, Roofing EPS Panels, Sandwich EPS Panels, EPS Panel Roofing Sheets and many more.

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Here are the products offered by our company that are easy to install and have low maintenance requirements.

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We have completed more than 200 highly prestigious projects in the field of construction.

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1What are EPS Panels?

Expandable polystyrene panels (EPS panels) are made from polystyrene beads that are heated during a chemical process to enable them to expand more than 50 times their original size. Once they have combined, they are squeezed through various moulds into EPS blocks of various sizes while being sandwiched between PPGI sheets. They are further chopped and formed to meet the needs of various industries. Moreover, they are adaptable and can be produced in various densities in accordance with customer needs.

2What is the usage of EPS panels?

In addition to serving as a crucial component of structural insulated panels (SIPs), insulated concrete forms (ICFs), and exterior insulation and finish systems, EPS is utilised as insulation in walls, roofs, and foundations (EIFS).

3Does EPS Panels rust and degrade with time?

The premium EPS wall panels are corrosion and rot-resistant. These panels provide indisputable benefits and are a preferred option for construction and building companies because they come with a lifetime durability warranty.

4What is the maximum width for EPS Wall Panels?

The maximum width for EPS Wall Panels is 1170mm.

5What is the maximum width for EPS Roof Panels?

The maximum width for EPS Roof Panels is 1000mm.

6What are the application areas of EPS Puf Panels?

EPS Panels are used in a wide range of sectors and are applicable in various areas such as Roofing, Walk-on Ceilings, Prefabricated Shelters, Health Centers, Community Shelters, Communication Shelters and more.

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